The following is a series of questions related to situations that we encounter every day at Intelica Solutions. These questions should give you an idea of the sorts of things we do, and your answers will help us learn more about you.

We consider this an "open book" test. Everyone at Intelica Solutions is always learning new things, so being able to find answers is much more important to us than what you already know.

What command line would you use to get the local IP information on a Windows OS? *
Defend your answer.
What file would you edit in order to associate IP addresses with hostnames locally? *
Which of the following has the best read/write disk performance? *
If you have four disks in a RAID configuration, which of the following will give you the best read/write performance, regardless of redundancy.
What is the standard port number for HTTPS? *
Good ways to send a 200 GB file to someone are *
Are you interested in working with Intelica Solutions? *
Do you posses a valid Alberta Class 5 driver's license (probationary or full)? *
Are you able and willing to pass a criminal background check? (This is required for access to most datacenters in Calgary.) *
Can you touch-type at least 30 WPM on a QWERTY keyboard? *
Do you have the legal right to work in Canada? *